Windows Software Ipswich


Boot-Up Your PC. Microsoft Windows.

Every computer today requires a bootable operating system, and 9 out of 10 end users in the home or business environment use a Microsoft Windows operating system.

Windows is an easy to use GUI based operating system developed to be a point and click solution for all it’s end users to have both and understandable and fun user experience.

Today’s world has changed dramatically when it comes to Technology, operating systems are now being written specifically for specific and targeted hardware which in simple terms means if your computer does not meet the requirements needed to run the software then you are left behind the eight ball so to speak or with a big hole left in your pocket to outlay for a new computer which Andrews IT Solutions can certainly help you with.

When purchasing an Operating System or Upgrading your current Operating System please keep in mind the physical hardware requirements and applications you are going to run on top of it, make sure both are compatible and look for the Windows Logo on each operating system to help you identify and establish if this is the best solution for your requirements.

Windows Home Vs. Windows Professional.

As most computer users would know and be aware of there are 2 different versions of Windows Operating Systems on the market which relate to both the home or small business user;

  • Microsoft Windows Home
  • Microsoft Windows Professional

The home version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System is considered the typical and most widely used OS on home computers, it is merely an Operating System with limited features and built in applications to allow the average home user everything they need to get computing.

The Pro version of Microsoft Windows looks identical to Windows Home, it is more robust, for commercial use and is a lot more stable when it comes to having a solid operating system for a foundation on your business PC. The Pro version allows for better networking capabilities and also includes remote desktop and support features.

Windows Version Logos.