Computer Services

New Computers , Upgrades , Barebones Boxes
New Laptops

Sales Services

Hardware Sales , Software Sales , Peripheral Sales PC Components and Accessories

Website Design Services

Website design , Domain Registration , Advice
Consultation , Hosting Solutions , WordPress

Repair Services

PC Repair , Computer Servicing , Clean Installs
Data Recovery , General Repair Solutions , Backups

Security & Removal Services

Internet Security , Spyware + Malware removal
Virus Removal , Firewall Configuration

Network Services

Wireless Network Setup , Network Configuration
Broadband Sharing , Printer Sharing , WiFi Security

Refurbished Services

Supply and Sales of Refurbished Desktops & Laptops with Warranty

Internet Related Services

Internet Troubleshooting , Advice , Internet Setup, Email + Browser Configuration , Internet Problems
New NBN or ADSL with Exetel

Consultancy Services

Computer purchasing, Disaster Recovery Implementation, Data Backup Plans