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Onsite Service

Andrew’s IT Solutions provides a wide selection of IT Services, most of which can be performed and carried out at your home or office in the comfort of your own environment where you can for the sake of peace of mind and under your watchful eye see first hand your repairs being carried out. All onsite services provided will be charged out the first hours hourly rate and the consecutive hours that follow will be charged in accordance with the Andrew’s IT Solutions fee for service hourly rate.

At the point where the repair/service job may exceed 3 hours, Andrew’s IT Solutions reserves the right to recommend to the customer that it now maybe more cost effective if the job now becomes a quoted job and is taken offsite to the workshop for more extensive repair.

Our first hours rate for service incorporates travel to the job and the initial diagnosis of the job.

Workshop Service

When a repair or service has exceeded 3 hours, we like to inform the client / customer that it is more cost effective to turn the job into a quoted job and to promote it from an onsite service to a workshop service.

We like to offer workshop service, as it is economically more viable and affordable to you to have your computer repaired. We offer a free pickup and delivery service of your IT equipment once it has been repaired, but we do charge a small fee to reconnect it all back up before we leave.

Prior to any workshop service commencing we will always prepare a formal quotation for the client/customer, and seek their consent to proceed with agreed quotation and all costs involved with the repair.

Remote Service (Teamviewer)

We now live within the modern age of Technology where we can promote basic computer services over the wire (internet). You will require a working internet connection to be active when consulting Andrew’s IT Solutions for a remote service appointment, you will also need to install Teamviewer on your computer. ‘Get it Here’.

Remote Services are for simple configuration, software and hardware related issues inclusive of internet troubleshooting, setup and email configuration.

All remote services are charged out at our Andrew’s IT Solutions fee for remote service and a generated invoice will be emailed to you on completion of the job.

Insurance Reports & Claims

For any clients requiring assistance from Andrew’s IT Solutions in relation to and Insurance Report & Assessment to be carried out for a claim we will require some items be addressed prior to consulting us to provide a comprehensive claims report for your insurer.

The following items are required;

  • Your full name and address inclusive of contact numbers and email address.
  • Your Insurer’s name and contact number and email address.
  • You will need to contact your insurance company to obtain a claim number prior to enlisting Andrew’s IT Solutions to provide this service.
  • You will need to provide full details of the item being claimed on and the issue. Inclusive where possible to provide photos or the physical item the claim is being made upon.
  • Once you are ready to consult and enlist our services, we will diagnose, report, and provide your insurer with the information in regards to your insurance claim, we will include a quote where a repair is viable and can be carried out, or we will express on your behalf that a new for old approach be taken into account here if your item is not repairable.
  • Reports and diagnosis for all insurance claims are a service, therefore we do charge upfront. This fee can be claimed back via your insurer in most cases when we provide it with in the quotations included in the report.

Refurbished Desktops & Laptops

Here at Andrew’s IT Solutions we believe in giving “ALL” people from all walks of life the opportunity to be able to own a desktop or laptop computer. We have access to a range of desktop and laptop solutions that ideally would suit those seeking an affordable and economical way in bringing IT into their home or office.  We simply just seek what you are looking for in a computer and we do our best to source something reliable and rock solid from our source. Not only do we just source the computer at a great price for you, we go over it with a comprehensive inspection and do a clean install of the operating system, so when you get it home, you can simply plug it in and start using it without fail.

We also offer upgrades on refurbished computers, to give the customer peace of mind, so they are not buying something that dates too quickly and will keep up with current standards with IT. i.e. connect to internet, email, word process, photo edit, gaming and so on.