Payments Accepted

  • Payments Types Accepted & Terms


An order is not binding upon until it is accepted and approved by Andrew’s IT Solutions. Andrew’s IT Solutions must receive full and clear payment before it will accept, approve and process an order. Payment for product/s ordered is due prior to shipment and back order (pre-orders).

Payments Accepted

Andrew’s IT Solutions only accept payments made by;

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Direct Deposit transfer only
  • Paypal / Stripe
  • Cash
  • Strictly no personal or bank cheques.

Please note all Direct Deposit orders will be cancelled where payment of funds have not been received by Andrew’s IT Solutions in 3 business days.

Andrew’s IT Solutions Credit Card Verification Process

As part of our verification process we will facilitate various procedures to ensure ultimate protection to the Credit Card Holder. These processes may include but not limited to verbal verification via phone or request for written authorization, photo identification including a valid driver’s license, utilities bill or copy of the credit card or request for your bank statement displaying the debit entry.

Please note Andrew’s IT Solutions reports all attempted credit card fraud immediately to the correct and appropriate authorities.

Payment Transaction Fee

  • Credit Card  2% on Visa, MasterCard
  • Paypal and Stripe 2%


  • All deposits made against products and services with Andrew’s IT Solutions contain a 10% non-refundable component. If you choose to cancel or not proceed with an order Andrew’s IT Solutions reserves the right to retain and hold 10% of the original deposit put down.
  • All computer packages , systems and upgrades will require 1/3 deposit upfront prior to commencement of the build and the balance to be paid on delivery or collection of the product.
  • All laptops and notebooks purchased via Andrew’s IT Solutions will need to be paid in full upfront and delivery or collection will commence either immediately if the product is in stock or within 2-3 business days.
  • Special Orders will require full payment upfront and if cancelled or a change of mind takes place, you will be accountable for a 15% restocking fee and the addition of a 10% non-refundable component. It is in your best interest when making a special order to proceed with it completely or take into account the fees and charges that will apply on cancellation.


  • In certain circumstances Andrews IT Solutions will offer layby as a payment solution to customers who may find it difficult to pay for a big ticket item. A deposit will be required upfront with all customer details and specifics. Minimum layby $500
  • The balance / remainder of the lay by will need to be addressed in weekly or fortnightly payments over the next consecutive 8 weeks (2 months). If a payment is missed without reason or contacting us, we will firstly address this with you by email or phone to sort out a payment arrangement. If per chance a layby cancellation is requested, 10% Non-refundable deposit applies , with the addition of a 15% restocking fee will apply.
  • If at the time of lay by you have ordered something specific and it has been discontinued or become out of date, Andrew’s IT Solutions will notify you of this and give you the option of amending your layby and advise you of any price change.
  • If it becomes evident you need more time or an extension to pay off your layby please notify Andrew’s IT Solutions and we will always be too happy to try and work something out for you.

Coming Soon

In the near future Andrew’s IT Solutions will be looking at taking up partnerships with payment providers giving customers the option and benefit to be able to purchase their IT products in an affordable way and manner.  Terms and conditions will apply and all applicant’s will need to provide responses to and be able to accommodate the necessary criteria to complete a successful purchase.

  • Payright *coming soon*