Network Services Ipswich

Network Installation. At Your Home or Office.

Do you have the need to install and setup a network at your home or office, we have the ability to not only supply and build the computers for you, but we also can configure the internet and printer/printers to be shared by multiple users across the network.

Share Your IT Resources. Printers & Internet.

Wanting to be able to share your internet and printers around the home or office with multiple devices such as Desktops, tablets, laptops and mobile phones then give us a call and we can come out and get you printing and surfing the web off any IT devices in your local environment.

Secure Your Network. Deny the Intruders.

There are many ways to secure your network from intruders and unwanted guests getting too close for comfort and having free range with your data. We can show you how to employ software products such as internet security packages which incorporate the use of a firewall to protect both in and outbound traffic on your network. Secondly we can tighten down the security by mac addressing so only specific computers can physically communicate on and with your network, and thirdly we can show you how to implement good security practices with strong passwords and 2FA (Two Factor Authentication).