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Computer Viruses Ransomware & Spyware.

Like anything today, securing your property is one of those mundane things we should all be aware of when it comes to IOT (internet of things), nearly all devices today connect to the internet in one way or another, therefore the internet is an open book to almost anyone when it comes to sourcing information and data.

Your online safety and personal information is only as secure as the form of security you use to prevent the outside world, inbound connections, viruses, and attackers from simply gaining access to your data and sensitive information.

The best way to prevent the attacks, the viruses and the spyware from getting on to your computer is to simply follow a few basic practices ;

  • Implement the use of a firewall and internet security package
  • Never save your passwords inside the browser itself
  • Use a 3rd party password manager with a master password
  • Keep a record of passwords in a notebook
  • Use a web based email address for online shopping so spam is directed there
  • Always save important data on USB sticks not the local computer
  • Regularly clear browser cookies & cache settings
  • Keep internet security and antivirus up to date
  • Regularly run malwarebytes in SAFE MODE and remove any spyware
  • Always use incognito mode where you can for private browsing
  • Be wary of unknown emails in your inbox and delete them
  • Implement mailwasher for mail cleaning as a precaution for larger mailboxes
  • Protect your identity and all personal information contained in documents save offline


A malicious piece of code developed to be injected into your computer as what is commonly known as a browser hijacker or hijacker, this piece of code was merely developed to extract data, information, and money out of people to the point the person on the other end of it exploiting the innocent via the means of some kind of ransom like screen.

These scams can sometimes look so legitimate that the average computer user panics and pays the ransomware fee or complies with the demands to unlock their PC. You should never give in to these scams simply turn off your modem or pull the internet chord and shut down your computer. Then call us to get a technician out there to help resolve the issue.

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Spyware & Trojans.

Like the word says spyware and trojans are just that, they are designed to be injected into your computer in hidden and hard to find files, their purpose is to simply spy on anyone whom uses that computer/network and eventually steal protected data such as passwords, bank details, personal identification details, and even steal business information, it has also been known that your keystrokes can be tapped and the nasties in your computer can actually identify with what is in the document being currently worked on.

Our recommendation is to always without fail run a spyware tool such as malwarebytes once or twice every 2 weeks in safe mode, not only to prevent spyware but to maintain a clean PC environment.

Never rely just upon antivirus, internet security or spyware tools individually , you need to run them in conjunction with each other to make sure you pick up anything one other misses during the scan process.

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