PC Repairs Ipswich

PC Repairs. Ipswich & Surrounds.

We carry out PC repairs in Ipswich and surrounding suburbs Monday through to Friday and weekends strictly by appointment only. Our experienced and skilled technician has over 2 decades of IT experience in sales , support and repair.

We can come to your home or office to carry out your repair or you can simply make it more affordable for yourself and bring your computer to our workshop. If we can manage to resolve your IT issues over a remote support session we will always opt to arrange a time suited to all in which we can access your computer remotely with your permission.

If we can’t fix your IT issues , then it could be likely that there may not be any charge for the services carried out. If for some reason we have to put numerous hours and time into diagnosing your IT issue then it may come down to our discretion to put on a small service fee for our time.

If we travel out to your home or office to diagnose and repair your computer, please note and be aware the first hours labour includes travel time to the job. All consecutive hours are billed in accordance with our general hourly rate.

When it comes to workshop services, you bring your computer to us at our workshop, and we diagnose the issue and formulate a quotation for you. Before commencing the repair we seek your permission and authorisation for go ahead and make sure your happy with the quote.

If you have a working internet connection and your repair can be carried out by granting us permission to enter your computer remotely , then we can identify and fix the problem usually within a reasonable time frame and manner. We use a third party remote support client that randomly generates a new password every time a new session is established, so when it comes to the safety or your personal data and information you can consider this kind of method of repair as reasonable safe providing you have complete trust in your Technician.