Ipswich PC Maintenance Services

Basic Computer Servicing.

Has your computer been running slow and begun making more noise than usual, then maybe its time to get us to look at carrying out a basic service on your PC. Our basic service includes;

  • Internal case clean remove all dust inside PC
  • Remove dust from CPU fan
  • Remove dust from GPU fan
  • Check for noise coming from power supply (advise to replace if noisy bearing and fan)
  • Check all external ports work
  • Check sound works
  • Perform updates of Operating System
  • General PC optimisation

Major PC Servicing.

A major PC service involves a lot more diagnostic services where we do a full health check of your computer, carry out major PC maintenance such as memory testing, data integrity testing, bench marking, a full security package installation and the updating of all software that requires regular updates.

A typical major PC service may include the following;

  • Apply thermal paste to CPU for better cooling
  • Remove dust from inside the case and exterior of case
  • Reseat all cables and cable tie
  • Reseat memory and carry out memory diagnostics with memtest
  • Bench test the PC with load
  • Install an internet security package
  • Carry out profile / user account backups
  • Carry out clean install of operating system and perform all updates
  • Reload and restore all data backed up
  • Upgrade all drivers for devices

Maintenance Aggreements.

Are you looking to have your computer or computers maintained like your motor vehicle where at certain and specific times you book it in for a service or general and routine maintenance, then we can help both the home or small business operator by designing and devising a maintenance regime that is individually tailored to your needs.