Gaming PCs Ipswich


When it comes to emerging technology and computers today most of the trend is leaning towards people getting gaming machines, this is primarily because they are extremely fast and provide awesome detail when it comes to high end graphical gaming and entertainment.

It is very apparent out there in the modern world, that most of todays PC based computer games require some very hardcore components with in their PC structure, not everybody is aware either that graphics cards frequently become out of date or get updated fairly rapidly so at the time of any pc gaming package purchase it is always purposeful to get the best quality graphics card you can afford at the time, plenty of ram/memory and heaps of hard drive space for saving games.

A major factor today when it comes to gaming , is if your streaming games online or buying new software on actually media, be aware you made require a decent network adaptor and blu ray capable drive to install your software.

We build a number of different gaming pc packages for everyone from the basic to more seasoned and advanced gamer. We also custom build gaming packages to your specific requirements.

Our gaming packages are based around both Intel and AMD processors and we build machines to do what you want them to do , so you get the most enjoyment you can from them.

All gaming packages include the following features

  • Microsoft Windows 11 Professional
  • SSD Boot Drive 1TB
  • 6GB SATA 3 Hard Drive
  • 2.1 or 5.1 Quality branded speakers
  • Optional AIO Cooling or upgraded cooling
  • Graphics card capable above and beyond what you require
  • Internet Security Package
  • High Speed Wireless Network Adaptor A/C range.

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