Business PCs Ipswich

Built for business. Powerful Upgrade Options.

Are you currently running old and outdated IT resources and equipment inside your Business infrastructure, then maybe it’s time to consult us to give you a quotation or appraise your current IT equipment so as you can run a more efficient and streamlined business with better processing power, more memory , faster technology and more storage space.

We have a number of pre designed business packages based around both the Intel and AMD processors, we like to put together packages that are robust with quality components and provide a good lifespan to the end user and business involved in using our systems in their daily routines.

We can also cater to build custom business pc packages built to your businesses exact and specific requirement keeping in mind the overall big picture of the business so we get a first hand experience of what you are actually trying to achieve with your business pc package purchase.

All our business pc packages include quality components and the software needed to have your office staff up and running straight away;

  • Microsoft Windows 10 / 11 Professional
  • Microsoft Office Business 2021 or Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021
  • Internet Security for either single or multi device computers
  • External hard drive portable for critical backups.

Have commercial needs? Drop us a line.