PC & Laptop Builds & Sales

Computer Systems. Built to Order or Spec.

We offer a range of computer systems to both the home and business user ranging from entry level computers through to high performance gaming machines. We can offer our customers quality packages that have been designed by Andrews IT Solutions in conjunction with Ipswich computer to satisfy all your computing needs.

Our pre-designed systems are built to order and have been put together keeping several key factors inline with each other to give you the best value product for your money. We design our packages with purpose in mind and look at things such as;

  • Short term and Long term use
  • What the computer is to be used for
  • Upgradability of the computer
  • Compatibility with existing software & peripherals
  • The alternative solutions and choice of certain hardware.

If you want to see more information about our computer packages then follow on here.

Custom Built. Custom Design.

If your looking for something more specific when it comes to a computer to meet your requirements we are very happy to provide assistance when it comes to Custom Building and Custom Designing a computer system.

Anything custom built and designed will always cost more money, but in saying this you get the latest and greatest technology and usually have a computer system that will be the envy of all your friends. The costs for customisation can be justified because not only are the components of the highest quality, most of them involve configurable installation and thorough bench testing prior to delivery.

Custom built and designed computers are realistically targeted at people who know what they specifically want in the configuration of their computer purchase.

Custom Systems are practical for some of the following situations;

  • Gaming
  • Multimedia
  • Graphic Design
  • Music Production
  • CAD / Architecture
  • Business
  • Servers & Workstations